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I'm not upright Mountain Giant pine, not flexion Xiaofang bonsai, but the vast grassland on the tree grass, magnificent mountains and rivers, add a smile. I'm not from the city vigor of the movement, not the countryside leisure Piccolo, but the vast desert string of camel to brave the journey relieves loneliness.


The landscape is the most stacked in a river in autumn, looking back at the scene remains the same, but has bald! Mo spring] do most Jiao Qi walk, fingertip cardamom cemented HUAFA glabella snow, a calm a calm, a worry free, like tea, drink into Ganlie, leaving a wisp of fragrance stay in the center of the chest. Had lost, missing, but never let fall of heart and soul, proud alive, is scenery in the beautiful whistle was blown, flowers scattered incense of the most emotional attachment to defend, cloud shadow horizon. A review of the shallow, you also understand how much?


Life is always a brilliant flowers, love is eternal love song, you are my forever lover, Xu beautiful promises, fixed in time for thousands of years, the next samsara and you meet, we fall in love again, with one of the world's affinity, sing love song of life, love never walk you I flow years, thousands of years of reincarnation, thousands of years through the pass.


Time went by., hours, the time is always in inadvertently passes. Memories with time flowing slowly forgotten, that once was familiar with the beautiful appearance, also gradually become blurred. Only a few withered memory, falling into a mottled, bustling past, to convert into a lonely life. Life is a gathering and scattered, with the clock walking slowly.


Autumn, is high in the sky, without a trace of mixed with dust, let the heart fly; autumn, is distant golden fields, rice fragrance, longitudinal received the joy of harvest; autumn, is Ying Che sky, north the geese flying, to bring happiness stream; autumn is a dancing, golden wings flapping leaves.



The autumn sun is very warm. Golden yellow is your light, thin tender, again and again touched my love. You want to start. Through the screen, and kissed the tender words, passionately thinking about a...... With water and flowers to talk. The month is round, the big red rose, open on your pillow. The night, full of your charming nonsense.


Listen to the rivers, condensate string Zheng sing, printing and dyeing flowers of Jiangnan, had a song, the ballad sound diffuse, crushing the old bridge. Residual color Ying water, white Qunshu couture, walking is man light, waterside rippling, leisurely timbre, ten refers to wear Yang, dust in the wind Buddha Jiangnan, butterfly drunk Qinxin, fillip a chord, messy hair, circulation of eyes, three thousand years. Embrace Buddha sleeve clothing, with light music, peach lupin, fluttering leisurely. To sit pavilions, enjoy the Rouge color.


Twilight consumer almost, kinky immersed in flowers in the street lamp is so understanding, faint, silently, reluctantly spit a little weak let people worry the breath, to Huaqianyuexia lover, a seat of the lawsuit feeling low language quiet.


Aboard the dressed in a wind, went to love the most beautiful romantic, sentimental Shanshan blooming, withered, everything is so natural, in the morning twilight seems like nearly, loved, remember that I've loved enough. Yesterday's passing, you can also stay in our memories, more blue rain day, month to stay Xingxi, across the star is I promised the most beautiful romantic love.


Summer, is the abundance of seasonal vegetables. I often go to the wandering in the garden, to food weeding, catch catch insects, watering, sometimes to cucumber frame picking cucumbers or to of picking a pot of beans beans. Eating their personally planted pure green pollution-free vegetables, carefree heart that awkward jiubeng mention.



This season in the autumn to deep, mengran found, the wind has been rendered the concentration of meaning, see the autumn leaves yellowish, CanYe whipped, imitate if those has scenery, in countless times baptism, the end of wear scar. When the mood is profound, infinite, through the road, meet people, and how much memory is still in my heart. When the scattered yellow slide to the bottom, I know, seasonal scenery and zhanre a layers of mood.


The nib gently outline isolation with the transferor be taken by surprise. When time can we hold hands, called parting. I watched carefully, listen to the song of songs from the heart. Time to dilute all, but do not open our hands tightly.


Life is to wait, waiting for a gust of wind blows over, waiting for a flower bloom, waiting for the dream of the Iraqis to, waiting for the burst of life's forte. Mind is the need to stick in waiting and adhered to the calm of the sun and the moon, stick to the falling silent, stick to the emotion of blank, stick to the life of the ordinary. We will have to wait, invincible, must be able to laugh at the bath breeze, flowers, Love waves, life without regret.


Tonight, in gazing at the moon, in the whisper of wind, twist a element pen, into the fate of the sky, the heart because of its beautiful and accompanied by micro Xu moved. An ink pen, shallow static open. A "margin", like a flower, like a flower and elegant flowers, blooming in the heart, heart, in the wind dance. As the front of the flowers open, beautiful, elegant fall.


The spring of the silent night, thin cool, long thin flow cup text. Mexico monologue, too much love lost. A warm, dense eyes. Sentence fragments, only for the dream of the green spring, just as the old romance. Stand in the text window open, warm cloud water, Speechless choke, a silent.



Pick up the red withered pieces of red fall, around the tenderness, the preexistence of fate, in the time of palmprint, settling into a flower song of Acacia. Fleeting, who cannot afford the time to make dye, forget the origin of pull mix; who light turn, landscape formed at both ends.


暗掩凄凉,单衣伫立。当沉寂的心事在阳光下被晒干后,其间所有的滋味都不容我刻缓,我不知道相遇后的缘分该怎样定恒,是不是让时间教会我坚强,或许,只是当年华休克的老去,彼此都留下最美的回味。(瓜泽说说 www.guaze.com)
The dark mask bleak, unlined stand. When the silence of the mind in the sun dried, during which all the taste are not my moment slow, I do not know after the meeting of fate how constant is not let time taught me to be strong, and maybe, just when the shock years old to each other have left the most beautiful aftertaste.


Stretched out his hands, holding a wisp of breeze, melting a touch of elegance to the text, they rolled into the life of the flowers, don't in hair, with notes of fleeting time past bit by bit, remember imprint of the spring and Autumn period, the heart engraved in the text to the interpretation of life...


A continuous rain, the interpretation of a beautiful encounter; a hat with a blue flower umbrella, narrowing the distance from each other; a touch of white smile, warm cold face. That a little smile is bright autumn fruit, with comfort in the lost heart murmur. More splendid speech is just a moment of glory, but that a shallow smile, engraved in the heart, that a warm, even if the wind erosion, years of carving, never forget.


Love is a piece of sunshine in winter, make people suffer hunger and cold especially the warmth of human feeling. Love is a spring in the desert, so desperate for people to see the hope of life. Love is a bright moon in the night sky, so that people who have no immediate access to comfort the soul.



River torrents, talk to their surging waves, towering trees Aoxue, tall and straight is his boundless green; mountains towering downs, the display is his strong physique; grassland aspect thousands of miles, bare is their own broad mind; human dam up the river, shows his heroic spirit.


Under the rain, thousands of wires, the dial is not open, block also can not stop the underground. The grapefruit tree verdant flowering, fragrance with moist air filled my heart, the piece of the leaves floating up strands of streamer. I stepped on his lanky guying, walking in the way home, blindly immersed at the silent heart by rain, sucking fills in the fragrance of a flower in the rain.


Enjoy loneliness, to the vast sky, feel the breath of nature, white clouds Fengqing, Sichuan Shi li! Enjoy the loneliness, because loneliness makes life so beautiful! Time like water, fleeting darkness. Time flies, time flies, in the sentimental old days, listening to the years, light approach slow twist who had lost in the fingertips of old days. Looking back on those printed in the most beautiful years of deep and shallow life immortal trace.


The road of life, no matter how many obstacles, know the day, will have flowers, butterfly, sunny. Have a happy call waiting; a realm called willing; there is a state of mind that put down; there is a kind of wisdom is low-key, there is a clear called stupid; there is a kind of happiness is simple; there is a virtue that smile; there is a kind of happiness is to cherish; there is a beautiful name confidence; have a dynamic call to share!